Our impact


Kgs of metal diverted from landfill


Bicycles recycled


Bicycles redeployed


Kgs of C02 avoided by reusing bikes and parts

New Life for Old Rides

Revolve ReCYCLING aims to recover, recycle and redeploy Australia’s bikes, e-bikes, scooters and other PTVs (personal transport vehicles).

Revolve ReCYCLING wants to be Australia’s best way to help riders, bike shops, fleet operators, facility managers and others give new life to old rides. We:

  • collect old rides from households & drop-off points;
  • recycle or professionally refurb bikes;
  • sell high-quality, affordable & warrantied redeployed bikes;
  • do training & education to keep bikes on the go;
  • work with Councils & bike industry for circularity;
  • offer Pedal Club, a subscription program for kids’ bikes;
  • give hundreds of free bikes to kids in need as part of “bike equity”, &;
  • employ people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
revolve recycling photo from instagram
revolve recycling collection of bikes

PTVs are made from materials and components such as metal, aluminium, titanium, carbon and rubber which are too often wasted by being buried in big holes in the ground when ‘round one’ is done.

By recycling those materials, or redeploying PTVs for another life, riders avoid waste to landfill, conserve natural resources and minimise greenhouse emissionsand contribute to a kinder society along the way.