Green Wheels

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Launch event happening on Friday the 21st of June 10AM at 99 Bikes Alexandria. Book here.

Green Wheels is a dedicated program that supports bike stores and the bike industry in their efforts to minimise waste and contribute to the well-being of our planet. In 2024, our comprehensive directory of sustainable bike stores will be launched. The initiative is funded by the NSW EPA.

Vision Statement:
At Green Wheels, we envision a future where sustainable practices thrive within the bike industry.

Mission Statement:
Our mission at Green Wheels is to empower bike stores and the broader bike industry to embrace sustainability initiatives that minimise waste and promote environmental stewardship.

Our online survey

Here are the results from the online survey that we conducted with bike store owners and bike riders, an important guide to help us develop the Green Wheels initiative for bike stores.

Survey results bike stores:

Sustainability & Membership:

  • 100% agree sustainability is something they care about, or an issue
  • 90% confirm that waste in their store is an issue
  • 85% cared the most about environmental initiatives to reduce waste, i.e. carbon offsetting, waste minimisation, 46% bike safety, and 38% donating bikes to disadvantaged kids
  • 100% are either somewhat interested or very interested in a Green Wheels initiative

Survey results bike riders:

  • Majority aged 25-54, 65% male, 70% ride daily or weekly with all residing in NSW
  • 50+ shop upwards of 5 times per year and 47% spend $100-500
  • 66-80% were most interested in bike equity issues facing bike riders
  • Comments of note: ‘an early “initiative” to laying the ground work for policy change.’


  • Sustainability is trending
  • Waste is a confirmed issue
  • The timing is right

Our members support the following programs:

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Our partners:

  This project is a NSW Environment Protection Authority Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy initiative, funded from the waste levy.

  We have proudly partnered with OHSISS to manufacture our circular products Made in Australia.