About Us

Revolve ReCYCLING aims to recycle and redeploy Australia’s bikes, e-bikes, scooters and other personal transport vehicles (PTVs).

We are determined to divert old rides from landfill and give them new life. That means selling redeployed rides at affordable prices, giving people access to high-quality, safe and accessible rides, creating jobs for people with disadvantaged backgrounds, encouraging cycling and active transport, and doing bike equity by giving away kids’ bikes. Its sustainability on wheels!

Guido Verbist is our General Manager. Whilst at the helm of the Bower Reuse and Repair Centres, he introduced Repair Cafés, the “Right to Repair” movement, and Tiny House building courses in Australia. Before that, Guido managed Greenpeace International Actions and Operations department and the Asia Pacific branch of the UK-based Security and Risk Mitigation company AKE.

Pete Shmigel is founder of Revolve ReCYCLING. He was previously CEO of Australian Council of Recyclers and Lifeline Australia. 

Abdul joined us – after a 4 year break for medical reasons – as route planner to organise our weekly bike collection runs.  He brings his previous experience as planner and his route familiarity as a local resident which gives us the confidence that our bike collection program is in good hands.

Anthony is part of our sales team. He’s unable to work full time for health reasons and was looking for a way to make a contribution. He appreciated the concept behind Revolve ReCYCLING and approached us for some work. He’s worked in bicycle stores building and repairing bikes as well as riding Freestyle BMX.

Sienna and Josh are an awesome combo in our WheelShop.

Josh, who is a big supporter of community-based cycling initiatives, is one of our part-time mechanics. You always know when Josh is the in the shop because the smiles abound.

Sienna has general duties around the WheelShop and is super interested in and getting to know the tools really well. It’s great she’s got an opportunity for learning and development with us.

Gustavo, originally from Latin America, is helping us get well organised on the admin side and working in customer liaison. He’s the guy who has the ’free coffee’ cards for when you drop off your bike at the WheelShop in Alexandria.
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