Donate now to gift a quality bike to a child in need.

“because every child deserves the joy of a bike”

Donate just $80 (or an amount of your choice) to help deliver a bike to a child in neeed – a refuge, a first nations child, a child with a disability or from a disadvantaged background

$80 covers the transport cost of collecting and delivering the bike, the cost of parts used to restore and repair the bike, the cost to support and train the volunteers, utilities, storage and other associated costs.


What to give?

·       $80 will pay for the collection and restoration of one bike for a child in need.

·       $160 will pay for two bikes to be donated to two children.

·       $10 or $25 will help pay for parts to restore the bikes, such as tires or brakes.

The work of our volunteer mechanics helps to keep that cost as low as possible.

“I’m really enjoying knowing that these bikes, which just weren’t being used, are going to schools and other places for kids to use, and will get so much fun out of them.

There are so many bikes just sitting in sheds not being used, or just being dumped on the streets. We can give these bikes a second life, keep them out of landfill, and give them to children who will really appreciate them.”   Jose, volunteer mechanic ‘Bikes for kids’

‘Bikes for kids’ is so great for kids who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to ride a bike. It teaches them so much about balance, spatial awareness, assessing risk, responsibility (looking after it). It’s so healthy, great exercise, a cool way to get to school, and an excellent social activity, the perfect way for kids to connect with each other.

I mean you might also get an excited reaction if you gave a kid a fluffy toy. But a bike is so much more than a toy, it has utility, it teaches them so much…  it can change their lives. It changed mine.”  Matt, volunteer bike mechanic ‘Bikes for kids’

Make a life changing donation today of just $80 for a child to experience the joy of riding a safe, high quality, lovingly restored bike


Revolve ReCYCLING strongly believes that bikes and personal mobility can help communities become fairer and happier places. It’s why we’re committed to what we call “bike equity” through our actions:
● Donating all salvageable kids’ bikes to charitable causes, including a collaboration with AusCycling to provide a “bike library” for disadvantaged kids in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

● Providing free bikes and scooters to refugee kids, recently including 12 kids from war-torn Ukraine

● Partnering with Benevolent Society to donate kids bikes to children of families who struggle financially

● Provding modified balance bikes to schools for disabled children