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Congratulations on becoming a Green Wheels accredited store! It’s been a month since you joined our network, and we hope you’ve had some time to celebrate this achievement.

Complete Your Onboarding

To ensure you meet the requirements of your Green Wheels accreditation, be sure to complete your onboarding process. This includes setting up your store’s public profile on our platform. Follow the step-by-step guide on how to publish your profile via the Green Wheels portal here. 

Join the Community

Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to the Green Wheels online community. Here, you can see what events are happening, share best practices, and connect with other accredited stores. This platform is separate from our global network, where you can also purchase your Green Wheels decal and instore promotion package. [Link to purchase.]

Ways to Engage Your Team with Green Wheels

Engaging your team is essential for maintaining enthusiasm and commitment to sustainability. Here are some tried and tested ways to get your staff involved:

  1. Host a Morning Tea
    • Share the details of your Green Wheels journey, highlight achievements, and discuss ways the team can contribute in the future.
  2. Leadership Message
    • Share a message from your leadership team about the importance of Green Wheels accreditation to your store and its impact on the community. Include this in your induction program for new team members to get them up to speed on all things Green Wheels.
  3. Lunch and Learn
    • Focus on one of the sustainability topics relevant to your accreditation, or invite another Green Wheels accredited store to host an ‘in conversation’ event.
  4. Educational Resources
    • Share the BIA’s free educational resource, “The Sustainability Playbook” and sign up to our E-Newsletter for our monthly insights and advocacy. 


We host sustainable in-person breakfasts and bi-monthly online introduction sessions for new and existing Green Wheels accredited stores. If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up and attend. These sessions are a great opportunity for new stores to connect with the Green Wheels team, learn more from the industry, including much needed advocacy work and are open to all employees of accredited stores. 

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